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Your Legal Requirements

Designing a course that meets the needs of your company, our specialists provide a bespoke service at cost-effective prices. From LGV’s to cars, we have the necessary knowledge and skills to increase the efficiency of your business. However, as a business providing a service to the general public, there are many legal responsibilities that you must adhere to.

Health and Safety at Work Act 1974

This law requires you to ensure the health and safety of your employees whilst they are at work. With a legal responsibility to ensure that members of the general public are not put at risk by your drivers, advanced training is always recommended. This also reduces the chance of your employees’ involvement in an accident. Further details are available here

Make sure you also check the different laws for Northern Ireland here, and the Republic of Ireland here.

The Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007

Should your staff be involved in a serious road collision, there is a chance that you could be liable for gross negligence and Corporate Manslaughter. Those two words should be enough to convince you that an advanced driving course is a good idea. Once your drivers are properly trained, the risk of a breach of duty of care disappears. As a result of the training provided, your company should encounter a reduction in these aspects:

Driver Injury - Fuel Costs – Insurance Premiums - Repair-Costs – Sick-Time - Vehicle Consumables -Vehicle Down-Time

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