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Reduce Costs with our Corporate Driver Training Courses


Running a business is incredibly costly, and you need to make sure that the costs of essential services are kept within your budget, whilst offering the best service possible. Should your business use vehicles, then the risk of going over-budget is high, especially due to unforeseen circumstances such as collision or repairs. Our corporate driver training and advanced driving courses ensure that your drivers are operating at their best, and reduces the risk of a claim against your business.

Bus driver

The Correct Training

Of all the road deaths in the UK, a third of them involve a business driver, Don’t let that be one of your employees. Adequate training has to be provided, and businesses risk a costly fine and more if they do not train their drivers effectively. The average cost following a collision is around £750 to £4,500 per claim, which is enough to seriously damage finances. Once you invest in our training courses, you reduce the risk of a costly situation. 65% of corporate vehicles are involved in a road incident every 12 months. Don’t let it be a costly one.

Saving money

A Cost-Effective Service

The little numbers always add up. Through using our services, you save in a variety of areas. Some of these include:

  • Reduced insurance premium costs
  • 7% improvement in fuel consumption costs
  • Protection for legal prosecution
  • Fewer investigations
  • Improved PR
  • A 5% reduction in the wear-and-tear of tyres, brakes, and other items
  • An increased vehicle valuation of 4% if a trained driver is at the wheel
  • Fewer Collisions
  • Less administration
  • Time-Efficiency
  • Better scheduling
  • Lower training costs
  • Fewer lost opportunities
  • Improved morale

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